If your website has done little to help your business grow, and if your site is not using a Responsive theme and not showing up in searches,
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Comprehensive social media marketing campaigns, Google Adwords, business-to-business and more to help drive traffic and customers to your website or through your doors!
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Retail shopping, wholesale ordering, or BOTH with one convenient dashboard making it easy for you to process orders and track sales. Accept credit cards and PayPal so customers feel secure.
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Website Design and Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Websites

Small businesses NEED responsive, well designed websites. A poorly designed website can do more harm than good, and will drive potential clients and customers towards competitors even if your services are superior. If your existing website hasn’t been performing, generating online sales and driving new customers through your brick-and-mortar doors, it’s time to apply proper Search Engine Optimization to make your business a local household name among the customers you serve.

With modern advertising techniques, the days of expensive paper yellow page ads are over! Most people use their smart phones and other devices to search for the nearby businesses that can meet their needs. From getting your website to rank in those searches, to providing e-commerce systems that enable retail, wholesale or combination online shopping with a simple user interface to track your sales, Klages Web Design builds and re-builds small business websites that work!


Responsive Website Design 95%
Local Search Optimization 97%
Branding 85%
Social Media Presence 92%
eCommerce Store Development 91%


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What Every Small Busines Owner Needs to Know About Building a Website That Generates More Business!