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Klages Web Design

2485 Notre Dame Blvd.
Ste. 370-230
Chico, CA 95928

Phone: 530-345-6450
Fax: 530-345-6459

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Our Clients Speak Out

Where should I begin??? I remember about 10 months ago looking aimlessly on the web for a good web designer…not knowing what or who to look for…..and now look at where we’re at…THANKS TO YOU!! (Talk about finding a needle in a hay stack!!!) I’m convinced each day…more and more…of how lucky we are to have you on OUR TEAM. Comparing our numbers from last year before we met you to our numbers one year later….we are tripling our business!!! I can tell you that at least 80% of our leads come from our website….which you developed from scratch!!! The reason I decided to contact you during my initial search was because your website pretty much answered most of my questions…..and I realized that’s exactly what we needed for our website!!

Considering how delicate the cosmetic surgery industry is….we get so many compliments about our web’s design and information content from our patients. Our industry being so competitive, creating an edge with our website was key to us...not only to drive people to our office for consultations, but also to begin the education process with them, which is very important. We are soooo appreciative for all you’ve done….and to think we’ve never actually met in person….it’s all been done over the phone and online!!!!!

A million thanks for your skills and all of the time you’ve invested in getting us on the right track! We look forward to numerous years of continuously working together!!!

Dr. Marina Pizarro
Pizarro Hair Restoration

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Web Site Design and Search Engine Optimization
for Small Business Web Sites

If your small business does not have a well-designed web site, you are probably losing more customers than you realize. And if your small business has a web site that was designed by "a friend" you may be doing more harm than good to the reputation of your company. A professionally designed site can also be of little benefit to your company if the designer did not follow good practices for search engine optimization.... and most do NOT.

If you have a web site and have been disappointed because it has done little or nothing to help grow your business, give me a call and let me explain HOW and WHY proper Search Engine Optimization can turn your website from "something I am supposed to have" INTO a profit-generating tool to help grow your business.

A well-designed small business web site should:

  • look good,
  • be easy to navigate, and
  • be designed to be easily found in the search engines.

At Klages Web Design, we have designed over 200 economical small business web sites since 1998, and we would be happy to give you a free initial consultation about a web site for your business.

We can also provide on-going support and service to help market and promote your site, so we won't build your site and disappear. I have a small team of well-trained professionals who can help make sure that you get the results you want, within the budget you can afford.

Call or email today for a free initial evaluation of your web site
and a free proposal and price quote.

Web Site Design

A professionally-designed web site does not have to cost a lot of money, but a poorly designed site can COST you a lot of money in lost business and failure to find new customers.

Small business web sites are our specialty - and we also understand marketing, copy writing, and other key factors to make a site that SELLS....more

Web Site Hosting

We can offer a variety of economical web site hosting plans for your site. Whether you just want a low cost hosting account to manage yourself, or if you need a managed hosting account to run your site, we provide high quality small business web site hosting service....more

Search Engine Optimization

There are many web sites that look beautiful and will never get any traffic from search engines because their designers were not aware of important design considerations for search engine optimization.

We can help revise an existing site or build a new one....more

Update Your Own Web Site

If you would like to save money on the long term cost of owning your site, we can offer you a simple solution which makes updating your web pages as easy as using a word processor! This is a very easy to learn solution that makes routine updates to your site a quick and easy process....more

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