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Search results now deliver tained links

Internet search results have surpassed e-mail as the main way cybercriminals attempt to victimize Internet users. That’s the upshot of an analysis of Web traffic from more than 75 million users on home and corporate networks conducted by Blue Coat Security Lab. Researchers found criminals are poisoning the search results consumers receive when searching on [...]

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Facebook Timeline Arrives for Business: Prepare Your Page

Facebook has introduced a major revamp for business pages that gives you more control over the look and feel of your company’s page. The new page layout helps you interact more easily with your Facebook fans, enabling enhanced graphics, the capability to feature posts, and private messages with fans. If all this information sounds foreign, [...]

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Latest scam to steal your money

Latest scam to steal your money There are several versions of this scam. Some are automated calls that leave a callback number; some talk with the victim. One version of the SCAM works like this. The victim receives a  recorded message from a credit card or bank. The message indicates that the credit card or [...]

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A cool NEW APP everyone should see

Just because I like to keep my clients and associates up to speed on whatever I happen to be looking at, learning about, or working with when it happens to be interesting and not beyond technical in nature, here’s a cool new one to check out: Cool Ap for your phone and iPad… check out: [...]

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New email scam to watch for

This is a clever one I just received, that really gives me a good example to show you what I mean when I talk about these email scams and how they work. Below is the text copy of the email I just received. I have deactivated the links because I don’t want anyone to misinterpret [...]

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Visa / MasterCard FRAUD

Visa / MasterCard FRAUD This is a really clever scam; I probably would have fallen for it. Read carefully and pass it on. This one is pretty slick since they provide YOU with all the information, except the one piece they want… All they want is the pin on the back of your card [...]

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Meet Our Latest Client –

Swimming is one of the most effective aerobic activities available. Not only is a swim workout program low-impact, so it is easy on your joints, it is shown to dramatically improve longevity over running or even walking. A University of South Carolina study led by Dr. Steven Blair evaluated comprehensive physical exams and behavioral surveys [...]

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Google’s ‘+1′ Lets Users Recommend Ads and Content

Search giant follows Facebook’s lead, allows users to recommend content and ads with “+1″ button. Google launched “+1″ today, a feature that allows users to recommend web content and ads to others in a similar manner to Facebook’s Like button. The +1 button will appear alongside search results and website content, and users’ interactions with [...]

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Nifty Close-Window Tool

Hey everybody – check out this free tool called Close Window to close windows (all open application windows) at once in windows 7. Quite often, many of us tend to keep open several applications, browsers, windows explorer, office application files, text documents and more. At the end of the day, when we want to shutdown [...]

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Ninite is a free service site that allows you to immediately install dozens of useful free programs without a subscription to their site, without crapware, with just a single click. It is elegantly simple, infinitely faster than traditional program retrieval sites, and as we speak I am installing about 15 different programs right now, automatically. [...]

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