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Very Interesting Google Facts to Boggle Your Mind!

Google Admits to Serving Random Search Results…Especially When you’re Paying Attention Ever get the feeling that the search results you’re getting are changing every time you click the ‘search’ button even while using the same query? We know you’ve had that ‘WTF is going on’ thought when you’re trying to show a client or employer [...]

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How we do keyword research for SEO

This is why keyword research takes a lot of work to do well. Good SEO begins with good keyword research. After all, if you don’t know the ways people are seeking your content, it’s pretty hard to ensure that your content “speaks” to them using the words they search for. The folks at Promodo created [...]

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A cool NEW APP everyone should see

Just because I like to keep my clients and associates up to speed on whatever I happen to be looking at, learning about, or working with when it happens to be interesting and not beyond technical in nature, here’s a cool new one to check out: Cool Ap for your phone and iPad… check out: [...]

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Nifty Close-Window Tool

Hey everybody – check out this free tool called Close Window to close windows (all open application windows) at once in windows 7. Quite often, many of us tend to keep open several applications, browsers, windows explorer, office application files, text documents and more. At the end of the day, when we want to shutdown [...]

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Ninite.com = amazing!

Ninite is a free service site that allows you to immediately install dozens of useful free programs without a subscription to their site, without crapware, with just a single click. It is elegantly simple, infinitely faster than traditional program retrieval sites, and as we speak I am installing about 15 different programs right now, automatically. [...]

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Facebook Privacy Settings – Protect Your Personal Info Today

Facebook Privacy Settings The First Critical Setting: Instant Personalization and Public Search These two items enable individuals, companies, organizations, and pretty much the world at large to glean information about you from your Facebook account and activity while on Facebook, and also when you visit websites that are partnered with Facebook. This creates an odd [...]

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How to Add Your Facebook Page to the Top of Your Profile

If you want to optimize your Facebook Profile for your business, this simple (yet effective) tip can help you do just that! By now we all have a reasonable understanding that we each have a personal facebook page, but we also have a second page specifically for our group, business or professional presence on facebook. [...]

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Default Email Problem Solver

I’ve found a solution for an everyday problem that causes mass frustration for everyone I know. You know those times when you click on a “mail-to” link on a webpage, only to find that you’re directed by Windows to a desktop email program like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or any other program you don’t use? [...]

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