Fake Utility Emails Seek to SCAM Unsuspecting Individuals

/Fake Utility Emails Seek to SCAM Unsuspecting Individuals

Fake Utility Emails Seek to SCAM Unsuspecting Individuals

Now it should go without saying that my PG&E bill is never overdue. So when I recieved the following email just a few days ago, I knew instantly that something was fishy.

Scam emails come in all forms – double check emails that claim to come from PG&E and other utilities

How to determine whether any email is legit:

1. Hover your cursor over the email, and when a link pops up, just look closely at the URL it displays. In the example below, hovering over the words “click here” does NOT display a PG&E URL. Instead it shows a seemingly jumbled random URL of letters and numbers that is quite obviously not a PG&E website URL. NEVER CLICK ON THESE TYPES OF LINKS!

2. At the top of the email where you see “From:” look at the “mailto” email address. In this case, where it should provide a PG&E email address, it instead provides one for “globalirishman” – obviously spam. DON’T CLICK OR REPLY

3. However you choose to pay your bills, always do so directly with the proper company. By phone, by traditional mail, by automatic billing, or by navigating directly to the company’s website independent of any email such as this.

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