I think they call this practicing what you preach.

/I think they call this practicing what you preach.

I think they call this practicing what you preach.

I spend all day helping my clients build traffic to their web sites, and one of the great things to do is start a blog. A blog is a great way to engage with your customers and potential customers, plus at the same time either add to the content of your site (if the blog is hosted on your server), or build external links to your site (if it is hosted externally like on wordpress.com).

I decided to set up a blog on my server to be able to play around with some of the more advanced strategies and plug-ins for WordPress, but for most all of my clients I recommend they set their blog up externally. This helps them build links which is an area most people are really lacking in.

I have not done much to my site for a long time, but even despite that, it continues to send me leads on a regular basis. I have some advantages though. My site is over 10 years old, which Google really likes, and I have a decent number of links to my site – which I have built up over the years.

The fact I have not had to work harder to maintain my rankings also speaks to the effectiveness of my techniques. I have very high google rankings for phrases like small busines search optimization and small business web site designer…. and it would be reasonable to assume that these would be among the very most competitive phrases, since the people trying for these rankings are IN THE BUSINESS. Today, if you Google small business search engine optimization my site ranks in position #5 and position #6, which gives me 20% of the first page of results for a phrase which returns 9,120,000 pages.

If you google small business website design the results are even better. I rank in position #3 and #4 out of 162,000,000 competing pages.

I think these results show that I pretty much know what I am doing, and with my focus on small business, I keep my rates far more affordable than most any of my competition. So, I plan to post some more tips and techniques from time to time on this blog. And if you want more information, you can also feel free to contact me for a free initial site review.

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