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Local Search Optimization puts your small business on the map!

Accurate listings are the first step in online marketing. More than 40% of online listings are inaccurate, incomplete, or missing.

Search engines & local search, GPS devices, smart phones & social media have fundamentally transformed the way people and businesses purchase products. Back in the heyday of the printed yellow pages, you only had to worry about one listing. Now, whether you know it or not, your business is already nominally included on some digital search portals and missing from others.

  • How can you know that your business is represented correctly in the HUNDREDS of possible places it can be searched?

  • How can you be sure that customers searching on their smart phone, tablet, laptop or any other device can find you quickly, get the info they need, and especially see where you are on the map?

  • How can you get your business listed everywhere without spending weeks of your valuable time on research and manual effort?

Make sure your business is displayed when customers search on smart phones, tablets and on their car's GPS device!

Make sure your business is on the map when customers search on smart phones, tablets and with their car’s GPS device!

You could do the research on how and where to update your business listings in the hundreds of online places yourself, but most small business owners don’t have the time or the knowledge of what to do to optimize their listings manually one by one. Spending that much time creating listings means you’re not devoting your time to the day-to-day operations of your business; and that means most small businesses don’t get properly listed at all. There’s just no way that most small business owners can devote that kind of time to this daunting task.

We will get all the information from you and submit correct listing information to every possible site, manually claiming important essentials like Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing and Merchant Circle, AND submitting your business information through major data channels that distribute to hundreds of online listing sites. Our service on this is comprehensive, so we won’t miss any essential listings and we’ll fix incorrect listing information when we find it.

  • We save you DAYS of time and get your business listed quickly and accurately across the web!

  • The listings we create CAN include any industry specific or niche-relevant sites and directories, and we’ll ask you for any specific sites you want your business to be listed with to include in our process.

Local Business Listing Services Include:

  • Google

  • Yahoo

  • Bing

  • Yelp

  • Merchant Circle

  • Data Feeds

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Phone: 530-345-6450
Fax: 530-345-6459
Email: ken@klageswebdesign.com

Our Clients Speak Out

"Ken, I love the portfolio! Love the way the pictures zoom in. Thanks so much! The web site is amazing -- very impressive!

I can't thank you enough for your patience in this long haul. I so much appreciate your special attention to the details. And the search results!! I know in the beginning I told you that it wasn't important to us, but I realize now that it is. It's all about visibility."

Serena Chobanian
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