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Search Engine Optimization and On-Line Marketing

Be careful who you hire to build your web site. There are millions of beautiful looking web sites on the web that were designed by a graphic designer who bought some web design software. Unfortunately, these sites are often totally invisible to the search engines.

Problems that will prevent your site from ranking well on search engines include:

  • Use of Frames
  • Use of beautiful fonts embedded in graphics
  • Minimal text on the page
  • Page Titles like “Your Company Name”
  • No use or improper use of Alt Tags
  • Confusing site navigation
  • Lack of keyword analysis and targeting
  • Improper keyword density
  • Many more technical factors

My opinion is that I would rather have an ordinary looking site that sells lots of my product than a beautiful site that does no sales at all. So when you work with me, I do my best to develop a nice looking web site that WILL generate search engine traffic. And, if you want a custom logo design, or just a really super-gorgeous site, I have several graphic designers who I work with that can design the beautiful logos, colors, and layouts, but with my guidance to make sure we don’t compromise on the usability and effectiveness of your site.

If you have an existing site, we can help you revise that site to better target your customer base by revamping the site you already have. Also, if you are interested in on-line advertising such as Google Adwords or, we can set up and manage campaigns for you, or we can set up the campaign and teach you how to manage it yourself.

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Our Clients Speak Out

Dear Ken - Thanks for all of your work on our website - I agree that it is much improved. Hopefully the search engines will find it soon : )


Ken’s response to Alexandra:

In fact, do a quick Google of financial advisors marin county Your site is now ranked in position #6 & #7! You hold 2 spots out of the top 10! (The coveted "double listing") And that is out of 42000 pages that google reports for that search.

For the search: financial advisors bay area you are now ranked # 11 in google out of 537,000 competing pages

For: financial advisors san Francisco you are now up to #34 out of 1,060,000 competing pages

For: holistic financial advisors you rank #5 and #6 out of 292,000 pages

For: holistic investing newsletter You rank #1 AND #2 out of 113,000 pages

These will probably bounce around a little since the changes are so recent, but I have to say I am quite pleased with these results.

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