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Portfolio of Small Business Web Sites

Since 1998 we have built over 200 web sites for small to medium size businesses.  The screen shots below link to the web site shown.  We invite you to review the sites below to get some ideas about features to include in your site.

Most of the sites below are surprisingly inexpensive.  If you have the budget and want more “bells and whistles” on your small business web site, or if you are interested in a low-cost web site that can help enhance your business, please contact us for a free price quote.

Because I am so busy, my newest sites are listed as text links towards the bottom of this page.  Some of these sites might have been updated since we took these screen shots.  Updating your site regularly and testing variations is a very good thing to do.  I generate leads every week from my website.  Imagine how busy I would be if I took the same care with my own web site as do for my client sites? 🙂

Recent Small Business Web Sites We Have Built