Time For a Little Spring Cleaning!

/Time For a Little Spring Cleaning!

Time For a Little Spring Cleaning!

Time for a little spring cleaning!

At some time or another we’ve all tried to clean out our duplicate files and make room on our computers. This can take hours if we try to do it manually- sifting through the document files looking for random copies. You’d better settle in for that task since you’ll be there a while.

The answer is a freeware assistant – a free download program that will identify all your duplicate files and give you the option of disposing of the copies. A good, safe, free version can be found at find.pcworld.com/71073.

The main advantage of using an assistant program like this one is that it easily identifies duplicate files you might not have noticed on your own. Often, duplicate files get tucked away in places you rarely look and a freeware assistant is just the sneaky key you need to dig them out and dispose of them. Additional handy features are the after-scan options the program provides, such as automatically selecting the older versions of duplicate files and moving or deleting checked files.

Simply stated, it’s a smart, useful utility that works as advertised and can clean up your system quickly

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