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Why Does My Business Need a Website?

If you want to increase the profitability of your business and generate leads or sales at a very low cost, a well-optimized web site could be the perfect answer. Whether you want to sell your product on-line, or if you simply want to generate customer inquiries, a web site that is designed with good search engine optimization can become a major source of low cost business lead generation.

But My Current Site Does NOTHING For Me

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Don’t be discouraged if your current web site has never done anything to bring you new leads. This is most often the case with sites designed by the vast majority of small web design firms (and a surprising number of large firms).  I have either reworked or redesigned over 100 sites that previously had no high search engine rankings and had only a few hundred page views per month.  A couple of months after the new site launches, I have taken the traffic from hundreds of page views to thousands or tens of thousands of page views per months. Google search engine results typically improve from a few obscure terms in the top 20 google search results to dozens or even hundreds of phrases that rank in the top 20.  To see actual results from my search engine optimization and site redesign efforts, please click here for a (rather lengthy) pdf document with actual results for my customer sites.

A Web site offers the perfect way to

  • Boost Your Credibility – Having a Web site shows your customers you have a serious commitment to customer support in the information age. And, the cost of an entire year of hosting with DWP is LESS than you would pay for One Month for a small Yellow Pages ad.
  • Increase your sales – You can generate additional sales of products or services directly over your Web site to customers you never could have reached through traditional methods.
  • Generate leads – Expand your customer base with the global reach of the Internet. The average Internet consumer has an income of $58,000 and 75% have credit cards – a great demographic to reach! Although you should NOT expect search engines to immediately generate thousands of “hits”, we have numerous examples of clients who have generated enough new business from their web sites in just the first few months to pay for the site for life!
  • Increase the Effectiveness of your Advertising – By listing a web site address in your Yellow Pages or other advertising, a small ad can refer your customer to ALL of the information they need to turn them from a prospect in to a customer.
  • Improve Customer Service – If you spend time answering the same questions from many different customers, a Web site is perfect way to allow your customer to look up the information they need, when they need it.
  • Reduce printing costs – The Internet lets you put your marketing information on-line so it is INSTANTLY available. And you have no Printing, Handling, or Mailing Costs, plus you never get stuck with stacks of out-of-date literature.
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Some Samples of Our Work

Airport Express airport transportation website

Airport Express SF had a previous web site which offered on line payment and booking, but almost never got an online booking. After the redesign you see above, they now book numerous tickets on line from customers all over the world every day. And their site ranks in the top 20 google results for over 500 different search phrases relevant to their business.

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